Terms & Conditions

Cyprus Ways Rent-A-Car prices includes the following.

Services and products below are included in all prices indicated in the website:

Collision Damage Waiver (1000 TL)

All prices include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). Collision Damage Waiver is only valid for the damages due to collision. In case the conditions are provided, 1000 TL of the damage cost belongs to the customer and the rest is compensated. Collision Damage Waiver does not cover the damages due to reasons other than collision (such as parking lot accidents, tire damages, window damages, head lights etc.)

  • Full 24 hours.
  • Unlimited kilometer.
  • Oil, water and other maintenances.
  • Cyprus Road Map.
  • Seat belt, Radio & CD Player.
  • Changing vehicles in case of mechanical breakdown.
  • Hygienic cleaning of vehicles before delivery.

Please Pay Attention to the Below Terms

  • Below is the list of conditions when benefiting from the insurance warranty shall be invalid for the vehicles rented from Cyprus Ways Rent a Car and the damage shall not be covered by the insurance coverage:
  • In case our vehicle is used by someone other than the name written on the rental contract
  • In case the vehicle is driven in a condition that is not included in the normal driving conditions (such as extreme engine heat, bad roadways or flat tire and other similar incidents),
  • In case the vehicle is driven in a way that is not allowed by the traffic rules (such as exceeding the legal speed limits, ignoring the red traffic light and other similar breaches),
  • In case the vehicle is driven while the driver is under the influence of an alcohol or drug use,
  • In case a load carried in the vehicle causes a damage or an accident,
  • In case of driving recklessly and incautiously (such as no speed adjustment for roads in rainy weather conditions, not following the other vehicle in the front from a safe distance and other similar driving methods),
  • In case the customer does not report to Cyprus Ways Rent a Car contact phone line number given when an accident or theft occurs and in case the vehicle is abandoned at the location of accident (other than the medical conditions preventing to do so as proven by a doctor’s report),
  • In case the required reports are not received from the relevant authorities within 48 when an accident occurs (such as traffic report and alcohol report),
  • In case of not delivering the vehicle to Cyprus Ways Rent A Car in time despite the rental period is over and without receiving the approval of Cyprus Ways Rent A Car,
  • In case a damage occurs in the vehicle or in the other party’s vehicle due to the load carried in the rented vehicle
  • Damages on tire, window or head lights are not covered by the collision damage waiver
  • Material compensation deriving from the damages to the 3rd parties are covered by the financial liability insurance within the limits of warranty. Compensation exceeding the warranty limit is covered by the client.

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