Privacy & Policy

Cyprus Ways Security and confidentiality rules on the page are as follows;

1- Confidentiality

Cyprus Ways Rent A Car cares for the security and integrity of the user’s information.

2-Collected Information

Cyprus Ways Rent A Car can collect information defining the individuals from the site users. This definition includes the following: “Online forms used for service or product orders as well as other forms and applications they need to fill in” Cyprus Ways Rent A Car is allowed to collect information from its users regarding the pages the users visit most, the services the users find most interesting and the way they use the website.

It is also allowed to use “cookies” in order to make observations on how the website is used by the users. Cookie is a type of software placed in the personal computers or notebooks by the web servers in order to define the user in case he revisits the website. The information collected from the users can be individual information or some other information related to individual information.

3- Sharing and Revealing Collected Information

Cyprus Ways Rent A Car is allowed to share the collected user information with the other reliable solution partners for the purposes described above.

Besides, Cyprus Ways Rent A Car is also allowed to reveal the collected user information that does not have individual quality to its investors and potential partners and it can transfer this information due to any sales and handover transactions deriving from a change in the company’s structure.

4- Update

CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY AND PRINCIPLES on this website can be changed by Cyprus Ways Rent A Car when necessary.

Please contact us via [email protected] for incidents contradicting with this notice and for your questions.

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