This pavilion was built in 1957, İt is one of the first places you should visit in NORTH CYPRUS. The owner with italian roots wıth the name of PAULO PAOLIDES  was a greek lawyer. At the same time, he was the biggest arms gun dealer of the island. He was also the lawyer for the Prime minister of the Republic of South Cyprus MAKARIOS. 

THE BLUE MANSİON was  Built with the most modern techniques of the 20th century, it is equipped with architectural features of TURKISH, GREEK ITALIAN and MEDITERRANEAN REGION with its architectural designs of east and west. There are also people who have another name for the BLUE MANSİON as The mansion of the man on the run.

KYRENİA / GÜZELYURT REGION, between ÇAMLIBEL and KORMACİT (KORUÇAM) village; İs where the BLUE MANSİON is located at a 45 minutes distance from the city. You can visit by participating in TOURS organized for the TOURISTS or RENTİNG A CAR at a SUITABLE PRICE RANGE. The pavilion is opened to the public in the control of the soldiers.

THE BLUE MANSİON with its amazing and unique architectural and technical features that distinguish it from any other mansion.But most say one of the best parts is the  mythical story of PAULO PAOLIDES,As we mentioned he was the lawyer of the  SOUTH CYPRUS PRESIDENT MAKARIOS,Which earned him alot of respect.He used THE BLUE MANSİON for professional weapon trades to easily carry them out or to hide the weapons.

One of the most important features of THE BLUE MANSİON is that it is an invisible mansion. From where you look, you certainly can not see this mansion from the outside. This detail was the most important object of security. You will be witnessing all the straits on the visit and also the beautiful view of  mountains  and sea can be seen  without hesitation.

This man was in love with art and had furnished the mansion with many unique pieces. Some of them are hand made iranian carpets, priceless tables, liquor cabinets and so on. Some he bought and others had been given as a gift. One of these works of art is THE VİRGİN MARY, which is immersed in gold water from top untill  bottom ,with the famous stone in her hand and the necklace around her neck.Another characteristic is that if you look at the portrait from the middle point of view the toes, knees, hands and eyes are looking at you in every direction. There are details available in the mansion that we can not finish talking about this construction for the time it was built it is truly amazing.

Here are Some more of those details; SOPHIA LOREN'S MILK POOL. CENTRAL HEATING SYSTEM, LED LIGHTS which have a special opening system, present in today's technology this shows a high level of work which is a small example of how highly advanced this mansion was.The curtains in the room are sound proof. There is a secret way out of the mansion in PAOLIDES bedroom leading out of the mansion where safety is arranged in line for his escape. All the rooms are surrounded by small mirrors in each corner so he could see all places in the room at all times. There is a special chair belonging to PAOLIDES, which prevents him from falling sleep after a certain period the chair hardens and it would be like sittingin on a wall.
There are many products at the mansion that symbolize the number 13. There are 13 faucets in the pool, 13 rooms in the house, 13 views of the bird's eye view of the house. There is a special spot in the garden and it echoes your voice when you speak there. But you can only hear it while standing on this spot exactly. Besides these; Each room has a different color.

Guests coulsd use the table and  chairs in the rooms where they stayed. 24 hour wine flowing lion fountain, a special tavern in the back, an earthquake warning device, confusion points, an earthquake chamber which looks like its whole with the mansion but is built separately and with different techniques. A hidden secret golden key was found and to this day we do not know what it opens. PAOLIDES had had the architect and his team of workers who had built the mansion killed because they knew all the plans and escape points of the mansion.

 PAOLIDES loved  this mansion but during the 1974 Peace Operation he had to escape from the tunnel in the bedroom and into the British neighbour hood that was close by. It is not known where the tunnel was opened because he  detonated the tunnel during the escape. PAOLİDES never lost hope of one day returing to the BLUE MANSİON he sent his needs from ITALY to NORTH CYPRUS,until he was killed at the mafia meeting in 1986.